Friday, July 24, 2009

TREYTON'S Back for a quick visit...........

...... and I have been soooooo excited to see him and his fam!
Kelli stops by before.....

and we take a couple of pics then we're off to the beach.

Come on! Already mom.

Sophia ~ my favorite girl in the world ~

Beautiful sunset ~

My 1st SMORES EVER! .. Really!

What an incredibly fun beach bon fire. :D
Thanks to The Young Family

Guess who's back in (our) town??

Kellii (The way Soph and her spell it)
We met Kelli in pre school and she is one of Sophie's bestest friends EVER!!!!


Zai Zai

We have missed you all so much. So happy we are hanging again

She's movin on uuup to THE top!

Sophia has a accomplished her first step up in belts at Minorsan. YAY!!



Cody is movin up too

Grandpa Arthur (Cody's Gramps) even made it. What a sweetheart. Thanks for being there for support King Arthur.

Hugs from Dio(her teacher)

The Graduating class photo

We're so proud of her, but best of all she's so proud of herself.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The 4th & Sophia's B day Bash ~

I just decided to make a slideshow of the whole day.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How FUN!

Yesterday one of Sophia's favorite people in the world came by to play. Her name is Devon and she suggested that we go to a swimming hole up near Felton named "The Garden of Eden" or "Huck Finn's swimming hole" which ever it was- it was so much fun.Codes also came along and I think they loved it! Take a look for yourself.


The Heart Breakers ~

This is Sophie's 1st year of softball and at first she wasn't sure if she wanted to play, but after her coach talked to her she wanted to give it a shot..............
The vote is in and the team name is The Heart Breakers o.O


Not up to bat yet...

Okay... Now up to bat

.... base hit! YAY!! :D

Off to a great start. I think she'll keep with it.